Why You Need To Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance Service

In Florida, there is no question but that a fully operational air conditioner is needed, particularly during the hottest part of the year. It can be a very uncomfortable event if your AC unit quits in a hot or humid day or series of days. One of the best and most reliable ways to prevent this type of problem is to ensure that air conditioning maintenance is scheduled regularly. Read on to learn some reasons why AC maintenance is critical.

A comfortable temperature for indoor air relies on actual temperature, perceived temperature, humidity and quality. The equipment needs to take each of these factors into consideration for the homeowners to be satisfied with the comfort level. If any of these elements fail, the comfort level goes down. The technicians do a thorough check of each functioning part of the system to be sure that small problems are caught and corrected early.

Fixing issues with the system before them become problems usually means that the entire system lasts longer. Cleaning the system is also likely to extend the life and years of service. Extending the years of service means that the cost of your AC systems is less per unit of time.

If you find that your AC system has quit because of an issue that could have been corrected before the season started, it is less likely to result in the cost of replacing the entire AC unit. Our technicians have the expertise to identify problems and correct them effectively.

If you discover that the air conditioning system has died, it may mean an emergency service call. While not all service professionals have around-the-clock service, even if the technician arrives quickly, the temperature and quality of the air inside your home is likely to deteriorate quickly. Contact us at Phillips Air Conditioning & Heating for more information about our maintenance plans.

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