What To Expect During An Installation By St. Petersburg HVAC Contractors

Professional installation and maintenance is the only way to expect your AC unit to work well for long. So, what should you expect during a visit by St. Petersburg HVAC contractors? This article will provide the answer below.


Before beginning work, the professionals will first assess the situation. They will check out the equipment and the crawl spaces. The aim of this is to know what exactly the problem is and how they can easily access the equipment. In most cases, especially during installation, you’ll have a team working together rather than just an individual.


Depending on what needs to be done, it will take time to complete the job. So, expect it to take several hours for the work to be done. Hence, allocate enough time. Don’t schedule your appointment when you’re in a hurry. Our team will arrive early on site to set up and work.


Not every job is straightforward. When carrying out AC repair, unexpected issues might come up. For example, there might be a need to fix worn-out wall studs or to carry out electrical upgrades. However, the only way to know this is for the team to get on-site and start working.

Checking building codes

We always aim to ensure that our customers adhere to updated building codes. Since codes change, some buildings might end up being code deficient in some way. Our team will carry out an analysis and we’ll inform you about what is not up to code. Some deficiencies also become obvious during the installation process.

Flexible budget

When offering you options about what needs to be done, our team will provide you with an AC replacement quote and different replacement options. This will be based on your budget. For example, we can show you different equipment choices that will meet your needs. This will make the project affordable for you.

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