How Frequently Do You Need An Air Conditioning Service In St. Petersburg FL?

Air conditioners have become a staple in homes and businesses because they provide consistent heating and cooling when needed the most. These units are available in all types of makes and models but each serves the same purpose and that is to produce powerful and efficient air to regulate indoor temperature. But when these units fail you need an air conditioning service in St. Petersburg FL, so let’s look at how often your aircon should be maintained.

Regardless of the size of your air conditioner, it should be professionally maintained at least once a year. For businesses that rely heavily on these systems to maintain indoor temperatures, having an experienced technician inspect HVAC units can prevent problems such as slow output and a lack of heating or cooling. Rather than wait until the aircon breaks down, have a technician assess it to avoid costly disruptions.

A trusted HVAC contractor will take the time to inspect the air filters, coils, and mechanisms responsible for heating and cooling. If any of these components appear faulty or are damaged, they will recommend replacement or repair. This way, you are aware of the issue and you will be presented with a quotation for the fixtures and a timeframe within which the job can be completed.

If you notice that your aircon is no longer blowing cool air or heating systems are consuming high amounts of electricity, call on professionals in A/C repair and installation. Do not open the unit to find the fault yourself as this could void the warranty, if still under guarantee, and cause additional damage. Leave it to the experts who are backed by years of technical expertise in the HVAC industry.

When you need a unit maintained or serviced, call your trusted A/C service at Phillips Air Conditioning and Heating. With a dedicated team of skilled technicians, aircons are inspected, cleaned, and damages repaired to keep these systems running optimally. To have your HVAC annually serviced, get in touch with your emergency aircon provider for the best results.

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