What To Expect When Getting An HVAC Replacement Quote In St. Petersburg FL

When it comes time to replace your home heating and cooling equipment, you want to hire the right professionals for the job. Properly installing this equipment is essential for ensuring optimum performance. It’s also vital to ensure that the HVAC equipment you buy is correctly sized for your home. At Air Phillips, we want to give consumers some insight into what they can expect when they request an HVAC replacement quote in St. Petersburg FL.

One thing that many homeowners don’t know about HVAC system installation is that it isn’t always as simple as taking an old unit out and putting a new unit in. Some air conditioners can last 15 years or longer. Some may even last for 20. Home heating systems last over a decade as well. During this time, just as air conditioners and heaters increase in efficiency, they also increase in size. Thus, minor modifications may need to be made to the storage area, especially if you haven’t had your equipment swapped out in a while.

We usually start our services with a thorough HVAC system inspection. This gives us the opportunity to size new equipment correctly and to better understand the needs of your home. With the results of this assessment, we can tell you about the best options for accomplishing your home comfort and efficiency goals. This might include HVAC dampers for central HVAC zoning, air purification equipment, dehumidification equipment and more. When additions like these are integrated with the installation of new cooling or heating equipment, they work seamlessly.

Work never starts on these projects until clients are aware of the cost, the anticipated timeline for completion, and all that they entail. You will get a detailed breakdown or materials and labor charges. You will also get a detailed overview of all that your new equipment is capable of.

The best time to schedule a replacement is before you actually need one. This will ensure that you’re never without reliable heating and cooling equipment when you need it. It will also give your technician ample opportunity to identify problems with ducting and other infrastructure issues and correct them. If you’re ready to get started with your HVAC install, give us a call today for a free quote.

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