Emergency Air Conditioner Repair

When it gets too hot, your AC system turns into a real lifesaver and helps keep your interiors comfortable. This is what turns your life into a nightmare when system failures arise. Understanding the anatomy of your unit is important if you want to understand what is happening and when it is time to seek emergency air conditioner repair services.

One of the most crucial components of the unit is the refrigerant, often called freon. This chemical soaks heat from the air and expels it to your exteriors to keep the interiors cool. Through a uniquely engineered closed-loop system, freon goes from your indoor unit to your outdoor unit.

Your AC may not offer excellent cooling effects if its refrigerant levels are low. A leak within the closed-loop system may cause this. An issue can also arise because of a faulty condenser or compressor. Once the refrigerant absorbs air from your interiors, this air is vented to your outdoors through the condenser.

The compressor also plays a key role in keeping your AC functional. It is responsible for applying pressure to the freon, keeping it flowing consistently all through the system. Any debris and dirt in the condenser can hinder proper airflow, ultimately causing compressor failure.

We will inspect your system to unveil issues of concern from their root before providing repairs. While the common cause of compressor failure is blocked refrigerant lines, the concern can also arise because of insufficient lubricant or damaged electrical wiring. We take pride in providing the most practical solutions to ensure that our clients get the best value for their money.

Another component responsible for the nice cooling effect of a functional AC is the evaporator coils. They are found in the outdoor unit and allow proper absorption of heat from the refrigerant before it flows back into the indoor unit. If the coils are not working properly, it could be that they have dirt buildup, or the air filter is soiled and needs changing.

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