Advantages Of Outsourcing A Contractor For Ac System Installation In St. Petersburg

An AC system ideally works by pulling air in from the surrounding area, cooling it, and then the unit pushes it into the house through the duct-work. We have two types of central air conditioning systems; the package and the split unit. The split unit has an outdoor and indoor cabinet unit, while the package system can sit on a cabinet either on top of the roof or outside of your home. Here is more information on AC system installation in St. Petersburg.

The package units can also function as heaters with a gas furnace or electric heating coils. If your home lacks the connecting networks, we will first install ducting to ensure that the new unit is supported well. This means that your house may need to undergo a few repairs in order to retrofit the new unit. If you are replacing an old unit, we will install an updated and energy-efficient unit, ensuring you receive a low monthly energy bill.

Some DIY enthusiasts want to undertake the installation process by themselves. But, working with certified experts such as us ensures that you evade manual work. The job may require you to crawl under your house and also lift heavy equipment, preparing the installation site, climbing the rooftop, among other physical activities. Hiring us ensures such actions are done exceptionally well. It deters you from having to do this; you only sign off for the work to be undertaken.

Additionally, DIYers will be required to get the right papers for such a process to take place, which is another challenge altogether. Working with us means no legwork is required. We know where to acquire permits for home improvement to replace and install the air conditioning unit, enabling us to keep the project within the planned timeline.

We offer maintenance plans that ensure you will continue to enjoy high performing units. Reach out to us at 727-709-7979 if you wish to acquire exemplary services. Phillips Air Conditioning And Heating is here to help you.

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