All You Need To Know About AC Repair Near Me In St. Petersburg FL

You cannot afford to wait when you notice that your AC has a problem. The problem may be minute or severe, depending on the assessment of an expert. It is, therefore, wise to schedule an appointment with Phillips Air Conditioning And Heating to be in a better position to address the problem quickly. We work to ensure service delivery to all our clients by fixing the whole issue at the get-go. Here is more on AC repair near me in St. Petersburg FL.

We provide flexible hours for AC repair. This has enabled us to offer extended and after-hours services to cater to the needs of all clients. You will never expect your air conditioner to break down at odd hours, and that is why we try to make the repairing process easy by adhering to the needs of our clients and their schedule.

During the assessment period, our technicians may find out that the problem is that you have an old air conditioner that needs replacement. We always advise our clients on top quality units that would be energy efficient and an investment in the long run. Our installation and replacement team will ensure that the process is smooth.

Installing an improperly sized unit can cause some adverse effects. For one, if you install an over-sized AC relative to the cooling needs of your house. There would be an overshoot on the desired temperatures, which will cause an uncomfortable temperature shift and waste of energy. Under sizing, on the other hand, will cause increased wear and tear. It is for this reason that we always conduct a load calculation before any installation project.

Phillips Air Conditioning and Heating has been in the industry for a long time. This makes us better prepared for any unique reparation service. We pride ourselves on efficient customer service, which has made us be the trendsetters in the region. Reach out to us when you need an effective reparation service.

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